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By nature, human beings are social creatures and socialization is central to our biological development and wellness.


Our group programs allow participants to meet new people, interact and spend time doing a therapeutic activity alongside one another in a safe and welcoming space from the comfort of their home. Our programs are free of charge.

Currently, we offer three online programs.

Programs: Programs

art program

Art is a tool that can lower symptoms of anxiety, depression and trauma. It can improve mindfulness, health and well-being.

For our sessions, we will send everyone a colouring page that you can print and fill in while we are together.

Image by J. Kelly Brito
Image by Austin Distel

music program

Music can be an incredibly strong source of healing.

During our meetings, you will listen to an instrumental or vocal piece with other people to connect over the sounds and melodies.

storytelling program

Storytelling is an ancient practice — a medium that was used to convey experiences before the advent of writing.


We offer a safe space for people to speak about an experience that they are ready to voice.

Programs: Programs
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