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Finding the Courage to Be Your Authentic Self

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

There is a wonderful sense of freedom that comes from deep within when we have found the courage to be our true self. When the way that we are living our life is in complete alignment with our values and our beliefs. Like an inner compass that will gently guide us to our destination.

Some of you may remember my earlier post, titled "Understanding the Meaning of Our Exhaustion" when I began to explore this concept.

There is a form of exhaustion that comes when we are spending our time and energy pursuing a dream that isn’t ours. When we are living someone else’s dream or attempting to conform to society’s expectations.

In its mildest form, the extent to which we abandon our belief system may initially present itself as simply exhaustion. We may feel tired and weary of feeling the need to perform in order to feel that we fit in with our surroundings. To continue to present an image of ourselves that isn’t reflective of our true nature.

Yet if we continue following this path, what began as a feeling of exhaustion may deepen. There may be a sense of frustration, anger or even resentment as this unfolds. We may feel a sense of inner betrayal that we have allowed someone else’s beliefs or society’s beliefs to take precedence over our own.

The process of becoming our true self does not come without its challenges. We will always be faced with people who share no interest in our dreams. Or even worse, may dismiss them altogether.

But the cost of giving up on our dreams and goals will be even greater. Every single person comes to this earth with a unique set of gifts to share. Gifts that are so very needed at this moment in time.

The world that we are living in will always give us reasons to be afraid. Yet when we set aside our fears, we discover a light within. And in that light, we will find the courage we need, to guide us on our journey.

Photograph by Pascal Riben

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